ROBERT RYMEK

General Counsel

For many small businesses it is impactical to hire full-time in-house legal counsel.  As such, for many of our clients Mr. Rymek serves as "outside" general counsel. 

In his capacity as outside general counsel, Mr. Rymek provides trusted legal advice on a wide variety of legal and business matters, schedules periodic meetings with the client to address potential legal issues, and reserves time for the client to make sure he is readily available if needed.  For the right client, this relationship offers the most cost-effective means of obtaining high-quality legal advice from a trusted advisor who is familiar with and cares about their business.  We find this arrangement works well and is especially appreciated by clients who have grown tired of working with big law firms which have shuffled the client from one associate to another associate who were inexperienced, unfamiliar with the business, and who did not promptly respond to the client's  needs.